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VCPSystem 8.8.4 is ready for download

VCPSystem 8.8.4 is ready for download.

Since 8.8.1 we have made background updates, now its a time to update blog :-)

- added support for new 2022 and 2023 ECU variants for MEB, MLB-evo, MQB2020 platforms
- added support for VW ID.5
- added support for Cupra Born
- added support for Skoda Karoq FL
- added support for Skoda Kodiaq FL
- added support for new 2022 Skoda Fabia MQB
- added support for T-Roc FL
- added support for ZDC Gen2.5 upload (radars in MLB-evo 2022 platform)
- added support for Porsche Taycan (yeah !)
- added support for VW ID.BUZZ (what a CAR !)
- restored previously disabled option for MQB BCM "hidden" parameter update.
- VIM manager now supports all present MIB3 versions including MQB2020 (Golf 8 family) and MEB (ID family)
- SFD Manager now is able to use user's DP accounts to fetch codes directly. So, if you are registered in VW and have a valid ODIS flatrate, you can use it for direct SFD unlocking.

About "own" SFD: we have to ask for a bit more patience, but we are on right track. You can expect some news in Q1.2023