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VCP 8.1.0 is ready to download.

VCP 8.1.0 is ready to download.

What is new :

  • VCP is now digitally signed by a trusted certificate. It ensures that file is genuine, virus and malware free and contains fully licensed code.
  • Changed behaviour while selecting variant from ODX-Database.

Previous VCP versions used always newest ODX-Variant when fully matched (ODX_ID+ODX_VER) one was not available. Since VW/Audi changed lot of things in 2017 models it could lead to wrong Adaptation/coding descriptions in older variants, when specified ODX-Database was not found. (applies mostly for very first ODX-based models, like golf VI / Octavia II FL etc) . Now, when ODX-Database for specified variant is not available, pop-up window will appear and user will have to select odx-version manually. For now there's no way to detect automatically which version will "match" better than other.