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VCP Remote Client for Android released for tests

We start to build a grid infrastructure for remote car diagnosis and programming. The goal is to connect customers with experienced and skilled people ready to offer various services. 

Client-Cloud infrastructure build around clients (Android / Windows / IOS), servers and remote consoles will offer a real-time transaction-based system for safe and powerful environment.

Ok, stop this BS ;-) For the beginning VCP Remote Client (VRC) is ready for testing.

Download from http://www.vcpsystem.com/vcpsystem/test/vcpremote_0.5.apk 

and install on your Android (4.1+) device.

As Frontend, use well-known https://vcpwebif.com .

Supported interfaces: Genuine ELM327 (some "copies" may work, too) and VCP-Bluetooth / WiFi (available soon). Remote parametrization will be released soon. 

More info -> http://www.vcpsystem.com/vcpsystem/pdfs/vcp_remote_features.pdf