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VCP 8.3.3 is ready to download.

VCP 8.3.3 is ready to download.

What's new ?

  • added support for Skoda Karoq
  • bugfixing in K0900 map activator.
  • Added Flash reading option for DQ250Cxx (MPC555 based) and DQ250Fxx(Tricore based) DSG Gearboxes. Notes: only for customers with Flash addon and K+CAN v2.0 interface ; Binary writing is not supported,yet ; To use this feature You have to update your K+CAN v2.0 interface to revision 0A.05 ; Due to CANID ranges, not routable by PQ gateways, DQ250Fxx still requires direct TCU Connection : 
    • DSG Pin 11,13 -> Powersupply +
    • DSG Pin 19 -> Powersupply ground 
    • DSG Pin 10 -> CAN-H (VCP+K Pin 6)
    • DSG Pin 15 -> CAN-L (VCP+K Pin 14)
  • Bugfixing in K0900+ Map activator 
  • Many minor internal changes.

Many thanks go to evosoft.dk - please visit them if you need a professional, reliable and safe DSG tune.