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VCPSystem 8.4.8 is ready for download

VCPSystem 8.4.8 is ready for download.


  • Support for diagnose-Firewall introduced in A8 4N, A6/A7 C8, Touareg 3. VCP will show a message when Diagnose-Firewall is detected.
  • BasicSetting UDS has now a checkbox, which will automatically select a record with actions to do within basic-settings procedure.
  • Gateway window shows now more interconnected modules (eg. rear door modules in MQB-AB)
  • VIM Manager supports now the Innovision Cockpit in T3 and new A6/A7/A8 with haptic cockpit.
  • faster coding calculation in TXT-Coding for large codestrings (eg zFAS modules)
  • bugfixing and (hope not) some new introduced ....